A reliable dog leash is within your grasp

Dog pulling on leashWe’ve all seen movies or television shows that depict a person pulled off her feet by a large dog that suddenly takes off at a run. It’s done on TV for humor, but anyone who’s had that happen knows there’s nothing funny about it. A moment like that comes with the fear of the pet pulling the dog leash out of your hand and getting away from you. There’s also fear of injury for yourself, especially if the dog pulled you down hard or even dragged you a short while. A very large, determined dog can drag an adult a surprising distance, which could injure both dog and owner.

EzyDog created a dog leash designed to help keep this from happening, and make it more comfortable to walk or run with a dog that insists on pulling against its lead. A shock-absorbing leash may be just what you need if your pet’s headstrong and doesn’t always heel.

Less Strain with a Comfy Dog Leash

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Cujo, the shock-absorbing leash from EzyDog, is designed with the pulling pet in mind. There are two designs, each made for a specific type of dog. The model with a 25-inch leash may offer better control for big dogs that tend to pull hard, while the 40-inch model is ideal for dogs that pull to only a medium-degree of intensity. Both leashes can be purchased for dogs that don’t pull, as well, while still offering more comfort because of their elastic qualities.

A short sturdy dog leash is the 25-inch Cujo which has at least 6 inches of stretch, so that a large dog won’t pull and yank your arm immediately. The stretch allows it to be a more gradual pull rather than a hard jolt, giving you time to apply pressure against it and lowering the risk that it will be pulled from your hand. The straight, rounded handle on all models lets you wrap your hand around it and be more in control. This is better than a loose loop that may tighten painfully and dig into your hand as the dog pulls. Cujo’s comfort grip also helps you hang on.

The 40-inch shock-absorbing dog leash allows for 12 inches of stretch. This is a good option for smaller dogs that you’re comfortable giving more slack, and larger dogs that don’t generally pull.

Use a Dog Harness for More Comfort

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The Cujo dog leash can make your walks more comfortable for both you and your pet even if your dog doesn’t strain against its lead. But if you pet does pull, Cujo can help protect your shoulders and back from being injured. It can also help keep the collar from being pulled tight against your dog’s throat.

You can also pair the Cujo with a quality harness like the chest-plate dog harness to avoid the pull of a collar altogether. This can make your time on the go with your dog even more comfortable and fun.