A Hands-Free Dog Leash for Jogging

Turk in EzyDog multi-function leashSometimes walking a dog is a challenge. If the pet hasn’t been trained to walk on a lead, or even if he’s just having an excitable day, a walk with a dog that pulls against you can be tiring. If you want to go for a jog or a run with your pet, multiply the exhaustion factor by at least two. Good leash training is the first step in being able to run with your dog. But high-quality gear from EzyDog can also help.

A good dog leash that’s meant to be used hands-free is often a great investment for active dog owners. This lets you run naturally while pumping your arms in whatever way feels best to you. You won’t be held back in your exercise by holding onto a leash.

Run With Fido, but Safety First

The type of hands-free leash you choose is worth carefully consideration. While a dog leash that wraps around the waist could be convenient, it might not be very comfortable if your dog tends to pull. A hard jerk forward or to the side from a loop around your waist could easily throw off your center of gravity and cause you to fall.

A leash you hook to your belt or belt loop can cause the same loss of balance, but may also break your belt loop if the pull is hard enough. And depending on your workout clothing, you may not even have a convenient place to hook it.

A leash that goes over one shoulder down to the waist and wraps around the torso at an angle helps you avoid the pull directly around the waist. It spreads any impact over a large part of the body, making it less likely you’ll be pulled off-step. It’s comfortable to wear, there’s no need for bulk, and it’s completely out of your way for better running.

Multi-functional Dog Leashes Make it Easy

EzyDog-Vario-6-Multi-Function-LeashMulti-functional dog leash allows you to purchase one leash for all your needs. You can use it as a regular leash for walking, with your choice of two different lengths. Use the shorter length for training for dogs that tend to pull, and the longer length for smaller dogs or those that walk well. You can also use it to walk two dogs at once.

It quickly adjusts to become a tether in your choice of two different lengths. And a quick, easy adjustment turns it into a hands-free dog leash that goes around the waist and over your shoulder. All these changes can be made without tools or attachments, and without unhooking the collar or dog harness your pet wears from the leash.

Be sure to investigate the different types of hands-free leashes available to see which feels best for you. Then you’ll be investing in something that offers the most comfort and safety for both you and your dog.