How to Have a Dog-Safe Christmas

By now the decorations are up and an evergreen Christmas tree has become the centerpiece of your home this holiday. And there are few nicer things than sitting around that tree with your family and enjoying the festive spirit of the holiday. The lights, the ornaments, the smell of pine and the delicately wrapped presents are […]

Dog Jackets Are Your Best Friend’s Best Friend in Winter

Our dogs are all about making fresh tracks. They gleefully bound through the snow,making a Family Circus path that will no doubt impress any beasts unlucky enough to come behind them. It’s a romp that never fails to delight and tire our dogs, the perfect combination for a winter excursion.  But add just a little […]

Enjoying a Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving

As much as we enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving made up of too much food, drink and merriment, we strongly recommend restricting those activities to the humans in your family. The typical tabletop filled with salty, savory turkey and gravy, buttery rolls, cream of mushroom with green beans and other favorites is a best case scenario […]

Best Dog Gifts – 2017 EzyDog Gift Guide

The great thing about shopping for your dog is that you already know exactly what’s going to get that tail wagging. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s obvious. And it’s wonderful. All your best friend really wants is you. So when we put together our Holiday Dog Gift Guide, we did it with an eye toward […]

Why Your Dog Needs a Dog Collar Light Beacon

For pet owners, there are some very compelling reasons to be afraid of the dark. When night falls the dangers for dogs increase dramatically, not because their own senses are significantly dulled, although they are less effective than during the daytime, but rather as a result of how diminished human awareness becomes. Consider how much […]

The Case for a Dog Car Safety Restraint

Of all the adventures you’ll experience with your furry companions, very few of them are within walking distance. That’s no problem if you ask a dog, who will likely be happy to let the wind blow her ears back in transit. But for humans, anything from a simple trip to a park across town to […]

Trick-or-Treating Gear for Dogs

OK – we’ll admit it, we’ve put our dogs in costumes on Halloween and shared and laughed about those pictures with family and friends.  However, when it comes down to the meat and potatoes of Halloween – Trick-or-Treating – those cute dog costumes frequently become a distraction at the best, and a hazard at the […]

EzyDog Dogs in the Office – Dexter

At EzyDog, we’re ALL ABOUT having our pooches with us whenever we can…and of course that includes during the work day as well.  Next up in our EzyDog Office Dogs series – Dexter: Name: Dexter Breed: Yellow Lab Title: Branch Manager Favorite Outdoor Activity:  As Branch Manager, Dexter’s primary job outside is cleanup and disposal […]

Fall Essentials – Fall Dog Gear

  The equinox has come and gone and we’re officially into Fall as of today!  As the seasons change, so does the weather outside, and it’s important to be certain that you and your dog are covered in terms of gear.  Most notably about the fall season is the cooling temperatures and shortening of the […]

Gear For Running With Your Dog

September has been “Running With Your Dog” month here at EzyDog, so far we’ve covered: 11 Tips for Running With Your Dog – a high-level look at the things to keep in mind when considering making your pooch your training partner How To Run With Your Dog – A detailed look at the training process, […]