Avoid over-exercising your dog

EzyDog dog wearing a Convert Harness ready for a runDogs need exercise to counteract hours of being indoors with the inability to run and play as much as they could outside. Not only does putting a dog harness and dog leash on your pet and heading outdoors improve and safeguard your pet’s health, but it can make him better behaved and less prone to cause problems at home. Working off excess energy can help prevent problems like chewing things up, knocking things over and running recklessly around the house.

Too much exercise or the wrong kind of exercise, though, can be harmful. Just as people should use moderation when it comes to physical activity, dog owners should make sure they’re not pushing their pooches to hard.

Exercise and Dog Toys

Choosing a safe dog toy to play with when you head outdoors can help make exercise moderate and safe. A hard plastic disc can be fun to throw for your dog to catch, but there are drawbacks to consider. A hard surface like that, caught in the mouth, could break teeth or injure the dog’s mouth. A soft toy like the soft disc found in the EzyDog store, however, is designed for this kind of safe fetch play and won’t hurt your dog’s teeth or mouth.

You should never throw anything hard and heavy for your dog to catch. And remember that a stick caught wrong could actually lodge in your dog’s mouth or throat.

When throwing a safe toy for your dog to catch or fetch, keep it low to the ground. We’ve all seen dogs high jumping to pluck a toy out of the air, but we often don’t see the injuries that can occur when the dog lands. Small jumps that allow the dog to land mostly on all fours can be fun. High jumps from which the dog will likely land only on his back feet can cause sprains and breaks. And if the dog jumps wildly and doesn’t land on his feet, there can be other damage, too.

Running and Heat Exhaustion

Dogs runningDogs can get overheated, often far easier than people. If you take your dog for long walks or runs, be sure to take something along like EzyDog’s collapsible bowl. You can offer your dog water often to avoid dehydration. Remember that overworking your dog, especially in hot temperatures, can cause exhaustion and emergencies. Black dogs and those with short muzzles are even more susceptible to heat and sun than other breeds. Old, young, frail and long-haired dogs may also have more trouble with getting overworked in the heat.

Go and play, but use good judgment for your dog’s health and safety. Use safe dog toys, provide plenty of water and let your dog rest, especially when it’s hot. Then you can both enjoy worry-free exercise together.