3 of the best harnesses for your unique dog

Dog refusing to go on leashThere are many different types of dog harnesses available at EzyDog. Some pets will do equally well in more than one type, or any type of harness. Other pets might need a specific kind, or simply find that one is more comfortable than another. Your lifestyle and the types of things you do with your pet will also affect what type of pet harness you’ll want to buy.

The Quick Fit Dog Harness

EzyDog Quick Fit harness can be bought hereEasy to use, the Quick Fit is a one-buckle harness designed to be put on quickly. The most inexperienced harness user should be able to easily get this on a dog and secured in seconds. It’s a comfortable, simple harness that takes the pressure off the dog’s neck. One buckle snap and you’re ready to go. This is a great basic harness for casual use, especially for someone intimated by the many different varieties available today.

The Chest Plate Dog Harness

EzyDog Chest Plate harness, click hereThis harness is designed differently than other harnesses at EzyDog. Other harnesses have a loop that goes around the front of the chest and one that secures under the belly. This harness, designed for comfort and dog control, has a chest plate that extends from the belly strap up to the chest strap. The soft neoprene plate against the dog’s chest gives you as the owner better control over your pet, especially if you have a dog that pulls against his leash.

This dog harness is a great choice for training a dog not to pull. It will make the pet more comfortable while learning by spreading the pressure over his chest instead of his throat. And it offers you more control in teaching your dog not to tug and pull ahead. The the dog Chest Plate or vest isn’t rigid and uncomfortable, but instead molds against the shape of your pet for a perfect fit.

The Convert Dog Harness

EzyDog Convert harness, click hereThe dog that’s rough and ready to hit the trail is dressed for fun with the Convert dog harness. This harness has more coverage on the dog’s back, offering a handle for better control when needed. It’s lined with cotton to make it comfortable and to help prevent rubbing. Designed for rugged outdoor use, this great harness will soon offer places to store things like flashlights, a cell phone, saddlebags and even customized side patches.

All of EzyDog’s dog harnesses are designed for your dog’s comfort and security, as well as convenience for you in using them and keeping them clean. They come in different sizes so you can get one to perfectly fit your pet. Choose one or more that are right for you, so you can go and play in style and safety.