France’s First Dog is an EzyDog!

The French have always been known for their design sense.  Famous french brands such as Cartier, Chanel and Louis Vuitton have dominated the red carpet and the fashion industry for years.  We were happy to see that when it came time to outfit the “First Dog of France” they chose a brand that delivered the […]

Why Has NYC’s Dogsized Fallen In Love With EzyDog?

 EzyDog – Award Winning Active Dog Products We fell in love with EzyDog when we saw their leashes. From just looking at their products, you can see that they build their dog products based on sports technology! We also love that they incorporated zero shock technology into their leashes as we’ve all experienced that horrible […]

How to bike with a dog – EzyDog AU

Cycling with your dog is a great way to keep fit and exercise your dog in one quick hit, particularly if your dog has lots of energy. Before you grab the dog lead and bike and head out the gate, here are a few questions you should ask first. Is my dog ready? Get your […]