Want to save your dog’s life? Buy a doggy life jacket

Doggy floatation vest yellowSome of us have pets who love the water (though maybe not bathtime) and who jump in anytime they get near a river, lake or ocean. Other dogs are more timid around water or don’t seem to enjoy swimming at all. Both types of dogs, when near a body of water or especially in a boat, should wear dog life jackets.

Some dedicated and loving pet owners often scoff at the idea of dog life preservers. But there are some good, common-sense reasons why a pet owner should protect a dog with a high-quality dog life jacket, and it has nothing to do with fashion or accessorizing.

Dog Life Jackets Aren’t Just for Older Pets

An older dog may not have as much stamina as a pup, so a dog floatation vest can offer support in the water “just in case” is a fantastic idea. Older dogs, just like people, will tire more easily and be more susceptible to things like cold water. A life preserver to help keep an older dog afloat could make the difference between floating easily while waiting to be pulled out of the water, or struggling and straining to stay above the surface.

But even younger dogs, puppies and dogs that have demonstrated the strongest swimming skills can get tired. Some breeds simply have to work harder to swim and stay afloat than others, for instance. A stronger current, different temperature or anything the dog isn’t used to can make swimming and staying up more difficult. Panic and fear can be a big factor in how hard it is for a dog to stay afloat, as well.

A dog that accidentally falls into the water or jumps in out of fright or confusion, just like a person who panics in the water, may have less capacity for swimming and be at a higher risk of drowning. Many people mistakenly think that all dogs swim easily and aren’t in any danger in water, but this simply isn’t true. Dogs can and do drown. But a dog life preserver can help prevent it.

Dog Life Preservers Aid in Rescue

A dog that falls into the water is at risk for the same type of problems as a human. A hit on the head from a boat, oar, floating log or anything in the water could actually knock a dog unconscious, just as it could a person. This puts the pet at great risk of drowning, and makes it more difficult for an owner to pull the dog up.

A high-quality dog life vest like the ones you’ll find here at EzyDog are designed for great flotation to keep a dog’s head above water and make swimming easier. They fit securely for better protection, and are easy to grab to pull a dog from the water. Look into one today so you can play near the water with less worry.

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