Dog life vests – a small investment could save your dog’s life

Dog swimming with no life vest is dangerousLabrador retrievers and water spaniels, among many other breeds, seem to have swimming in their bones. But even among breeds that can normally swim well, there are bound to be a few individual dogs that simply aren’t comfortable swimming. And then there are the breeds, like bulldogs, that simply aren’t built to swim.

A bulldog falling into a pool or body of water could easily and quickly drown. Other breeds that generally can’t swim well or at all include basset hounds, dachshunds, some terriers like the Boston terriers, greyhounds, corgis and similarly built dogs. If you have one of these breeds, or a dog that doesn’t seem to know how to swim properly, then you’d do well to invest in a dog life vest. Even if your dog is an expert swimmer, a life vest for dogs is good to have on hand and use.

Dog Life Jackets for Stocky Breeds

EzyDog Floation Vest with dog wearing itBulldogs and similar breeds that have large chests, especially in proportion with the rest of their bodies, aren’t built to float. These dogs, like almost all dogs, will start to paddle when they hit the water. But in the case of bulldogs, it probably won’t do much good. For your dog’s safety in and around water, a dog life vest is a must.

Getting one that’s the right size is easy and necessary. One that’s too large could float off the dog, and one that’s too small will be restricting and uncomfortable, and could turn a good swimmer into a dog that panics in the water and struggles.

Remember that even if you don’t plan to go into the water with your dog, if he gets near the water he could fall in. A dog life jacket can help prevent a tragedy if that happens. Boats, docks and even beaches where a wave could wash up and engulf your pet are places where a dog life vest can be important.

The Right Life Vest for Dogs

EzyDog Micro Doggy Floatation Device with dog wearing itEzyDog makes a standard dog life jacket and a Micro Doggy Floatation Device for tiny dogs, as well. Choose the size that best meets your dog’s measurements for the safest and securest fit. And remember that even if your dog swims well, circumstances could cause him to struggle–fatigue, cold water, surprise, age and uncertainty.

If your dog isn’t one of the breeds that has a great deal of trouble, you can use a dog life jacket to aid your pet in swimming. Life vests can be especially helpful if you’re easing your dog into the water and helping him learn to swim, too.

Look at our EzyDog dog life vests to find a high-quality model for your pet today.