Questions answered: Double dog leash extensions equal less work

Two dogs out for a strollMany pet owners have more than one dog to walk. While this requires more of a commitment and often the multiple purchase of things like dog leashes, it can be a great deal of fun for both pets and people. It can also be tiring and frustrating if one or both dogs pull, lunge and try to chase other animals. If you’re walking a dog with each hand and both are pulling, the walk can get tiring fast.

With a double dog leash, usually in the form of a coupler or extension, it can be much easier to walk two dogs. EzyDog‘s leashes and extensions can help you walk two dogs more comfortably, even if they pull and try to run ahead.

EzyDog’s Double Dog Leash Extensions

For dogs that walk fairly well and don’t pull, any dog leash is probably suitable. A standard coupler hooked to a basic leash extends the leash out in two directions to make walking two dogs easy. At EzyDog you can choose a standard coupler at 24-inches long that will work well with any EzyDog leash. Designed especially for small dogs, the Sparky coupler offers 15 extra inches of leash for each dog, and works perfectly with the Sparky small dog leash.

EzyDog Sparky Coupler close-upEzyDog Sparky leash close-up

Walking Dogs that Pull

Dogs that pull are best walked with EzyDog’s shock absorbing leash. This leash has built-in give that offers relief to your arm and shoulder, and makes the dog’s pulls less effective overall. The 24-inch coupler attached to a shock-absorbing dog leash is a great combination for walking two dogs when one or both tend to pull. You can purchase Cujo, the shock-absorbing leash, with a dual-dog extension leash included, as well.

The shock-absorbing leash has offered relief to many pet owners whose dogs pull, whether they owned one pet or more. You can get the leash for large dogs and dogs that pull hard, as well as a model for small dogs. They each offer slack and the ability to walk your dogs with less back fatigue and less stress for the animals. With the extension, your leash can do double-duty. And pulling may be lessened even further with the use of quality dog harnesses that give you more control.

EzyDog Standard Coupler close-up blackEzyDog Cujo leash orange

Why One Dog Leash Instead of Two?

Using one quality leash with a coupler extension means one-handed walking while you have a hand free to carry a cell phone, beverage, bag of groceries or other items. And there’s no chance one dog will dash in front of you and cross leashes with the other dog, tangling them both. The length of the extensions keeps this from happening.

Some people with multiple pets walk three or four at a time with two leashes and extensions. Thanks to the extensions that keep the dogs from getting tangled, a multi-dog walk can be a lot more for fun everyone.