Easy walking – Good techniques for using your dog leash

Cujo dog leash Pink CamouflageUsing a quality dog leash when teaching your dog to walk without pulling can be one of the most important things you do. EzyDog’s Cujo shock-absorbing dog leash is designed to discourage pulling. It also makes walking easier on you thanks to the give built into the leash that keeps the dog from jerking your arm and potentially causing soreness or injury.

Using this award-winning leash can make training easier on you and your pet. Partner the leash with some good techniques, and you’ll be walking together without stress in no time.

The Best Dog Leash Can’t Make Up for Poor Training

While EzyDog dog products are some of the safest and most effective products you can use, even the Cujo leash won’t help you train your dog if you don’t commit to teaching him. Consistency is important, and so is regular exercise. Most misbehaving pets do so because they get rewarded by the behavior in some way, and because they’re bored and restless.

If your dog pulls and you allow him to continue to pull, there’s no incentive for him to stop. If your dog hasn’t had more than a trip outside to potty now and then over a few days, the urge to pull will be there. He might be too excited to pay attention to anything but the sights and smells he’s missed.

Daily walks, as many times as a day as you can fit in, provide ample opportunities for training and exercise. The more you walk your dog, the calmer and happier he will generally be. It’s good exercise for you, as well, and gives you more opportunities to bond with your pet. This is true whether it’s a puppy you’re training or an older pet that you just never trained before.

Tips for Use with the Cujo Dog Leash

Using the Cujo can offer relief for your arm, neck and back even if your dog can practically pull a train. But you will want to discourage the pulling behavior to teach your dog to stop. One effective method is to stop walking each time the dog pulls and lurches forward. A complete halt with your dog close to you until he’s stopped trying to move forward can eventually teach him to associate pulling with stopping.

Changing direction frequently can also help. If your dog is pulling forward but you turn right or left, he has to stop pulling to think about a direction change. Don’t do it every few feet to thoroughly confuse your pet, but you can do it to discourage pulling and bring his attention back to following your lead.

The shorter Cujo dog leash is typically a better choice until your dog stops pulling as much. A shorter leash keeps him closer to you and gives you more control. Never forget that you are in charge, and your dog should start to see you as the leader and walk calmer so you can go out, play and have more fun.