EzyDog Dogs in the Office – Dexter

At EzyDog, we’re ALL ABOUT having our pooches with us whenever we can…and of course that includes during the work day as well.  Next up in our EzyDog Office Dogs series – Dexter:

Name: Dexter

Breed: Yellow Lab

Title: Branch Manager

Favorite Outdoor Activity:  As Branch Manager, Dexter’s primary job outside is cleanup and disposal of all stick-related things.  All sticks shall be collected into a single location and systematically reduced to small piles of bark and wood.

Funny Quirk:  An unfortunate issue with an ACL surgery caused Dexter to lose his back left leg – so he’s a “tripawd”.  However, unless you’re really counting his feet, you can’t hardly tell.  He runs, jumps and plays like all the other dogs – even if he tires out a bit earlier.

Favorite EzyDog ProductEzyDog Dog Life Jacket — Dexter LOVES to swim…especially if it involves finding sticks in the water.  When he has his Life Jacket on, I’m comfortable with him swimming all he likes, knowing that if he tires out or runs into an issue, he’ll be safe.  Plus, the grab handle on top makes it easy to pull him up onto the dock or boat (a must if you have a tripawd!).

About EzyDog

EzyDog makes a line of products encompassing the rugged outdoor lifestyle dogs love along with the comfort and style pet owners prefer. EzyDog is the manufacturer of the Original Shock Absorbing Leash that combines the latest in sports technology with the durability dog owners demand. Their unique and highly functional leash systems are designed for comfort, control and safety, paying special attention to dogs that pull or are in training. All EzyDog Products are designed to help both owners and pets get more out of the great outdoors.