EzyDog Harnesses

While they often fall under the same umbrella, harnesses provide many benefits over traditional dog collars. While collars certainly play their role, many argue that harnesses are overall better for walking your dog, simply because they allow you to control a dog better without causing discomfort or choking.

If you’ve ever shopped for dog accessories, you’ve noticed how little variation there can be from one collar to the next, but harnesses is a whole different ball game. Harnesses come in many variations because dogs come in different shapes and sizes with different behavioral needs.


Chest Plate Harness:

The Chest Plate Harness is an extremely comfortable dog harness that allows great freedom of movement. With a wide range of sizes and generous adjustability, the Chest Plate dog harness is ideal for any dog, small or large. The EVA chest pad forms to the dog’s chest for a custom fit and the silky smooth soft touch nylon webbing keeps your pooch comfy all-day long.

As with all EzyDog products, the Chest Plate Harness is built with safety in mind. Each Chest Plate Harness comes with a car restraint to keep you and your pooch safe on the road. The added benefit of reflective stitching and piping around the chest pad makes it highly visible at night.

This style of harness is ideal for a dog with a longer chest but is also exceptional for dogs who are escape artists, as its virtually impossible to back out of. One of the best features of the Chest Plate Harness is the amount of control it provides for a dog who’s difficult to handle and it can even help to mitigate pulling.


Quick Fit Harness:

The Quick Fit Harness is unparalleled in terms of simplicity. It’s as easy as a collar: slip it over the dog’s head, buckle it once, and you’re ready to stroll. The Quick Fit eliminates the need for a collar altogether with the inclusion of its own built-in ID attachment. It’s made of sturdy soft touch nylon webbing and neoprene with reflective trim, making it secure and comfortable without inhibiting the dog’s natural mobility.

Two key adjustment points allow the Quick Fit Harness to snug up on dogs of different lengths and heights and can be opened to accommodate a pup as it grows.

The Quick Fit Harness offers both simplicity and control. It is perfect for training and everyday use. It is guaranteed to get you and your dog out for a walk at a record pace!


convert dog harness

Convert Harness:

EzyDog’s Convert Harness is a utilitarian design that fits and adjusts similarly to the Quick Fit. It’s comfortable, easy to fit, and features a more rugged construction; perfect for service dogs and pups who love adventure. The easy-grab handle located on the top of the harness also makes it easy to grab ahold of, for keeping your pup close or assisting a heavy or disabled dog into a vehicle, with the added benefit of magnetic closure to keep it out of the way when it’s not needed. Reflective accents make any dog wearing the Convert Harness stand out at night.

The Convert Harness is unique in many ways. As a service dog vest, the Convert Harness is compatible with side badges that mount to the Velcro panels on the left and right sides. This allows you to send a message: “In Training” or “Search And Rescue”. Custom side badge options are also available for displaying a truly personalized message such as the dog’s name.

As its name suggests, this harness can be converted into a dog backpack with the optional Convert Saddle Bags. Whether in town or on the trail, this configuration is great for long days out by allowing the pup to carry some of their own gear such as treats, food, pick-up bags, travel bowls, and other accessories.


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