Fall Essentials – Fall Dog Gear


The equinox has come and gone and we’re officially into Fall as of today!  As the seasons change, so does the weather outside, and it’s important to be certain that you and your dog are covered in terms of gear.  Most notably about the fall season is the cooling temperatures and shortening of the days.  Make sure you review this checklist of Fall Dog Gear to ensure you have what you need to adjust to the changing conditions outside:

  1. Dog Jacket – As the temperatures drop you and start layering up for your outside adventures, don’t forget to keep your pooch warm as well. The Element Jacket is a snug, warm and waterproof dog jacket that comes with cam lock slider release buckles for quick adjustment and a perfect fit.
  2. Dog Harness and Backpack – The Convert Dog Harness  is an extremely versatile dog harness doubling as a service dog vest that you can easily take just about anywhere! Add a Custom Side Badge for service dogs or dogs in training. Transform your Convert Harness to a dog backpack with our Convert Saddle Bags Attachment.
  3. Dog Collar Light – The Adventure Light is a high visibility, waterproof pet beacon built for outdoor use. With a long battery life and fully tested to military standards, this light for dog collars is visible up to 3 miles away.  Never lose your dog again in a low-light situation.
  4. No Pull Leash – With the weather cooling down, Fall becomes an excellent time to recommit to finalizing that leash training.  The Zero Shock Leash is the ultimate leash for dogs still working on their manners – taking the shock out of lunges or pulling for both the dog and the owner.
  5. Hand-Free Leash – In our “Running With Your Dog” series of posts, we covered in detail how to get your pooch from couch potato to serious runner with a defined plan.  Fall’s cooler weather makes it much easier to get back out on the running trails with your favorite running partner, and the Road Runner Hands-Free Dog Running Leash is the ultimate running leash to get you there.


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