5 easy holiday foods you can share with your pup

Pumpkin pie! YummyHappy holidays from EzyDog!

With the season of family gatherings and giant turkey dinners upon us, we’d like to take a moment and wish you and your family (including the furry members) a happy—and healthy—holiday. Just in case you wanted to share a few holiday treats with your pets…here’s a list of pet-friendly holiday foods that are probably in your kitchen.


Turkey or chicken

There’s a reason so many dog foods contain turkey and/or chicken: they’re healthy sources of protein for your pup! If you do feed your dog chicken or turkey, though, we recommend following a few rules:

  • Remove all bones—they could splinter and harm your dog’s mouth, throat, or stomach.
  • Cook your dog’s piece of turkey or chicken without salt or spices—it’s healthiest plain and some spices (like garlic) are actually bad for dogs.
  • Don’t give your dog gristle or skin.


Good news! Pumpkin is good for your dog’s digestive tract—and many dogs love it. Make sure to serve it unsweetened and without seeds.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is also a dog friendly, anti-oxidant rich treat. Just make sure the skin doesn’t have any mold on it and keep portion sizes reasonable (too much sweet potato could make your pooch gain weight).


Raw or cooked, carrots are a healthy snack for your dog and, at least in my house, they’re often around during the holidays. Again, make sure you don’t cook them with salt or spices and watch out for mold, which could be harmful if ingested.


Cranberries may be good for your dog’s urinary tract (and they certainly won’t hurt him), so feel free to share these holiday treats with your fuzziest family member in moderation.

Are there any dog-healthy holiday treats we’ve missed? Stop by Facebook and join the conversation or shop at EzyDog for other great ideas this holiday season.

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