Introducing: Drive Dog Car Seat Cover

This month, we’ve been all about road tripping with our best friend – check out our last post about Driving with Your Dog.

Today we’re excited to announce a brand new product to make it even easier – the Drive Dog Car Seat Cover.

This isn’t just any backseat dog cover.  We spend a lot of time in the car with our pooches, and we knew we needed some key features to make this the best dog car seat cover on the market: 

  • First off, it’s water-resistant.  If there’s water near your destination, you can bet your pooch will find it and enjoy themselves.  This makes sure those wet, hairy legs and belly don’t soak into your seats
  • Also, it’s got a non-slip seat backing – I want my dog solid (and relaxed) in the backseat and to ensure my seats are well protected
  • Finally, our favorite feature is that it incorporates openings for the seat belts – ensuring that you can still use a dog car harness or dog car restraint to prevent them from causing, or being hurt in, an accident. Check out the Drive Dog Car Harness as an excellent restraint designed to be used in conjunction with this seat cover

Beyond that, we’ve made it out of a highly durable Ripstop Nylon, ensuring it is both hard wearing and super comfortable.  It’s 51 inches wide, so it will fit most any backseat.  Additionally, the side flaps add another 8 inches of coverage on each side.  And, at only $65, it’s one of the more affordable dog car seat covers on the market!

Ultimately, if you want to travel in the car with your dog (and really, who doesn’t want that?) then you need some backseat protection.  The Drive Dog Car Seat Protector is an excellent product that will ensure you, your dog and your car will enjoy the trip!


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