The QuickFit dog harness makes life a snap

EzyDog QuickFit will fit any type of dog comfortablyThere are a variety of different dog harnesses available to today’s pet owner. Dog harnesses come in different sizes, materials and styles. Some are made for specific purposes, while others are multi-purpose. Just like reliable dog leashes, harnesses come in a wide variety of colors, with varying thicknesses and widths. The best dog harness for your pet is most likely an adjustable one that will fit perfectly and comfortably.

Even easily adjustable harnesses come in different size ranges so that you can choose the range that’s best for your dog. An easy-fit style harness is probably one of the most convenient types you can buy. EzyDog’s QuickFit harness is this type, designed to go on and adjust in seconds.

Forget Hard-to-Use Dog Harnesses

If a harness is difficult to get on and hard to fit to your dog, it’s less likely you’ll want to use it. A QuickFit dog harness won’t get in the way when you’re ready to head outdoors or hop in the car. It’s simple to use and adjusts for a perfect fit. There’s no need to keep adjusting, either. Once you’ve set it to fit your dog, it’s ready to use again and again.

If you’ve ever used a harness that had two or more buckles or fasteners, you’ll love the QuickFit. Snapping one buckle in place is all it takes to secure your dog into the harness. Those other styles that seem like some sort of puzzle to be solved will be a thing of the past once you try a QuickFit and see how easy it is to use.

The proper fit of a dog harness is generally snug enough to stay secure while you can still get a couple of fingers between the harness straps and your pet. This keeps it from being tight and restricting, and possibly rubbing or becoming uncomfortable. The QuickFit comes in 6 general sizes, all adjustable to securely fit any size or shape.

Dog Accessories for Your Lifestyle

The QuickFit is available in 7 different colors and patterns. You don’t have to give up your sense of style to have a convenient, easy-to-use dog harness. It’s even designed with the added touch of reflective stitching on the harness. This keeps you and your dog safer at night, reflecting car lights so drivers can see you easily.

EzyDog QuickFit red


EzyDog QuickFit pink camo

Pink Camo

EzyDog QuickFit green camo

Green Camo

EzyDog QuickFit chocolate






The chest strap is covered in a neoprene sleeve so it’s more comfortable for your dog that a plain nylon strap. And because it’s easy to put on and take off, there’s no struggling to get your pet in and out of it, making it something your dog might come to dread.

EzyDog QuickFit candy


EzyDog QuickFit blue


EzyDog QuickFit blaze orange

Blaze Orange

EzyDog QuickFit black






With the QuickFit, your pet will know in a “snap,” that it’s time to go and play!