How to keep your pet safe while at work, it’s simple, use a dog harness

Dog chest plate harnessEver thought of taking your dog to work? A study from the Virginia Commonwealth University suggests it might be good for your stress levels.

Researchers have known for a long time that the act of petting a cat or a dog can bring people’s blood pressure down. It’s a calming, comforting action, and one of the reasons that some organizations take pets into nursing homes and hospitals for the patients to pet and play with. It seems that not just petting but being near an animal may also lower stress.

Workplaces are some of the most stressful places there are. So bringing a dog to work may be able to help ease workday stress, which raises productivity and general health, as well. On the days in the study when employees brought their pets, their stress levels were markedly lower and job satisfaction higher than when the pups stayed at home. Workers who did not have pets to bring had stress levels equaling those who had dogs that were left at home.

All this goes to show just how attached people can be to their dogs. Those who didn’t own pets were often seen asking their fellow workers if they could take their dogs out for walks on breaks. Even non-pet owners wanted to get in on the action!

The Best Dog Products Make a Difference

If taking a pet to work can so notably lower stress levels and make the day more pleasant, it’s no wonder that so many people love to take their dogs with them. Pet lovers take their pups everywhere from trips to the market to long vacations. And people who work hard often play hard, as well. They need dog products that are designed to keep their dogs safe and happy while on the go with their owners.

One of the best things a loving pet owner can do is make sure that all dogs are secured safely while traveling, whether short distances or long. A comfortable and secure dog harness and dog seat belt restraint can keep your dog secure in a moving vehicle without making your pet feel too restricted.

A Dog Harness for Comfort and Safety

Enjoy the benefits of taking your dog with you safely. You won’t have to worry about your dog feeling uncomfortable, or becoming restless and frightened by overly cumbersome restraints when you use a quality seat belt restraint and dog harness like you’ll find here at EzyDog.

Your pet does so much for you every day, like lowering your stress and making you happy, often without you even realizing the physiology at work. Protect your dog with a quality dog harness vest and seat belt restraints to return the favor, and you and your pet can go and play anywhere comfortably and safely.

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