The Case for a Dog Car Safety Restraint

Of all the adventures you’ll experience with your furry companions, very few of them are within walking distance. That’s no problem if you ask a dog, who will likely be happy to let the wind blow her ears back in transit.

But for humans, anything from a simple trip to a park across town to a multi-day road trip can create problems if you’re to keep yourself and your best friend safe. Cars present unique dangers for dogs and owners alike, turning normal, affectionate behavior into a potentially risky situation.

Loving owners are familiar with the temptations. Your pooch is riding along in the backseat (please, don’t ever let your dog ride in the front seat), taking in the sights and playing the part of navigator. That’s a good dog. What’s the harm in reaching back for some reassuring ear scratches or a quick treat for a reward?

Turns out, quite a lot. We call those little pieces of love distracting behaviors as they take your attention off the road. According to a 2011 AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study, just a couple of seconds of looking away doubles the likelihood you’ll be in a crash. Surveys show that nearly two thirds of dog owners are guilty of providing their companions attention while driving, either interacting for praise or correcting behaviors.

But the dangers don’t end with distractions. Accidents happen, and no matter who is at fault there are significant safety risks. You’ll have the benefit of seatbelts, airbags and nearly a century of safety-oriented automotive engineering to protect you in that event. A dog, however, is at the mercy of physics.

A 10-pound dog, for example, can exert 500 pounds of force when in a car accident at 50 mph, according to the AAA study. An 80-pound dog can exert a force of 2,400 pounds – more than a ton! – in a 30 mph accident. That puts both the dog and any passengers in danger.

The good news is that it doesn’t take much to properly protect both your dog and yourself on the open road. EzyDog has the solutions you need to keep your dog safe and comfortable during any trip:

Drive Dog Car Harness: This is the pinnacle of canine safety in car travel. The harness attaches to seatbelts in your car to keep your dog in place and out of the driver’s space. In the event of an accident, it prevents your dog from being ejected, with the harness distributing the force of the crash evenly across the dog’s body to protect against injury.

The harness has been crash-tested by scientists and is certified in the United States, Europe and Australia. It features an easy to use Mag-Lok Instant Fit closure system that secures the harness to your dog, double D-Rings for a leash attachment and a moulded chest plate for ergonomic efficiency. The harness support is made from aluminum alloy.

All together, this device is as strong as it is comfortable, providing piece of mind for even the most doting owners.

Click Adjustable Car Restraint: For dogs who already love their harness, this strap adjusts to them. It attaches to an existing harness and your car seatbelt receiver, keeping your dog anchored to his spot in the car.

This is a perfect solution for the dog who is too excited to stay away from the driver during a trip – or keeping an explorer from jumping out of the car at the first opportunity. This restraint is adjustable to give your dog exactly as much room as he needs.

The restraint works perfectly to keep your pup in place, but fair warning: It may not provide protection for your dog in the event of a car accident.

Seat Belt Restraint: A simple and elegant solution to keeping your dog in place, this restraint gets the job done without breaking the bank. It loops around a fastened seatbelt in the car, then clips to the D-Ring on your dog’s existing harness.

Like the click version, this restraint can eliminate distracted driving caused by a furry passenger while allowing enough maneuverability for any dog to lay down.

Also like the click version, it will not keep your dog safe in a car accident.

All three of these devices take just seconds to put on and can make all the difference once you’re in the car. Combine them with some self restraint – those ear scratches will have to wait – and you can practically avoid the safety pitfalls of taking the dog along. Removing that danger means that you and your family – human or canine – can concentrate on the road as you shuttle to the next adventure.

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