Trick-or-Treating Gear for Dogs

OK – we’ll admit it, we’ve put our dogs in costumes on Halloween and shared and laughed about those pictures with family and friends.  However, when it comes down to the meat and potatoes of Halloween – Trick-or-Treating – those cute dog costumes frequently become a distraction at the best, and a hazard at the worst.  When it’s time to take the kids out in the neighborhood, consider ditching the dog costume for some functional (but fun) Trick-or-Treating Gear for Dogs.   Here’s our top-3 must-have dog gear items for trick-or-treating with your pooch:

  1. Convert Dog Harness with Halloween Trick or Treat Badges.  The Convert Harness is one of our favorites – it’s a versatile, functional and high-quality dog harness made to fit any size dog.  One of the great features of the Convert Dog Harness is the ability to add pre-made or custom side badges to it – one for each side.  For Halloween, we’ve just launched a series of “Trick-or-Treat” badges (3 different styles – see image for details) that will give your dog that “Halloween flair” while you’re out trick-or-treating, without the distraction or danger of a costume.  The badges attach with velcro – so after Halloween, you can simply pull them off and go back to a different set of badges.   Even better – through Oct 31 of 2017, you can get a free set of Halloween Badges when you order a Convert Harness – just use code “trickortreat” when you check out!
  2. Adventure Dog Collar Light.

    Knowing you’ll be out after dark, ensuring that you can find your pooch if they get away from you will be critical – especially knowing the amount of traffic (both foot and car) that will be out that night.  Attaching an Adventure Dog Collar Light to your dog’s collar or harness will ensure that they have a bright shining beacon on them that is waterproof and can be seen for up to 3 miles.

  3. Zero Shock LeashWith all the ghosts and ghouls and vampires out and about on Halloween, you can forgive even the best-behaved pooch for being a little jumpy.  Using an EzyDog Zero Shock Dog Leash will make sure those jumps and pulls don’t create a shock-wave up to your arm, keeping you both safer and happy.


Have a great time out there and be safe!  Happy Halloween from EzyDog.

About EzyDog

EzyDog makes a line of products encompassing the rugged outdoor lifestyle dogs love along with the comfort and style pet owners prefer. EzyDog is the manufacturer of the Original Shock Absorbing Leash that combines the latest in sports technology with the durability dog owners demand. Their unique and highly functional leash systems are designed for comfort, control and safety, paying special attention to dogs that pull or are in training. All EzyDog Products are designed to help both owners and pets get more out of the great outdoors.