4 reasons why you need a multi-function dog leash

Cute puppy on its pawsIn a world of products for dogs, there are many different types of leashes to choose from. It’s also possible to buy one dog leash that you can use in a variety of situations. The Vario 6 multi-function leash offers you the ability to use it as a leash of two different lengths, use it as a tether of two different lengths, walk multiple dogs and walk your pet hands-free. This one product offers enough variety that you might not need another dog leash at all.

Standard Dog Leash Uses

Walking your pet is obviously the most basic use for a reliable dog leash. The Vario 6 lets you choose between a 3-feet or a 5-feet length. This option lets you switch between a shorter leash for training or smaller dogs, and a longer leash for bigger dogs or those who like a little more slack. This is also a great choice for people with two or more dogs of different size or temperament who don’t get walked at the same time.

Walking Two Dogs at Once

EzyDog Vario 6 Multi Function leash close-upDogs that don’t pull are easy to walk, even if you have more than one. But two leashes can be hard to handle. This is especially true if one or both dogs pull even a little. If you end up using one hand for both leashes, it’s easier to drop one. But if you use one hand for each leash it can make the walk less convenient for you–you can’t hold anything except the leash without the risk of dropping one or both.

The Vario 6 – Carabineer lets you walk two dogs by slipping the end through the center and clipping it to another dog’s collar or harness.

EzyDog Vario 6 Multi-Function leash hands-free

Dog Walking Hands-Free

Walking your dog hands-free can be great if you need to carry things, of if you want to be able to jog and move your arms easily. The Vario 6 easily snaps into place over your shoulder and around your torso for comfortable, hands-free walking or running.

Using a Dog Leash as a Tether

If you need to secure your dog while you’re out and about, the Vario 6 makes it easy to do so. You can give your dog a longer tether or a shorter one, depending on your needs. With this one dog leash you can do everything you need to do, all without ever unhooking your pet from the leash.EzyDog Vario 6 Multi-Function leash tetherThis is an important point. If you’re trying to tether your dog with a regular loop-handled leash, you have to unhook it from your dog and run the end through the loop, then reattach. This gives excited dogs time to bolt. All of the changes you make with the EzyDog Vario 6 are done without extra attachments, and they’re done safely without ever unhooking the leash from your dog’s collar or harness.