Your Dog and the Backyard

cute dog in backyardIf you’re fortunate enough to have a large backyard, your dog has plenty of space to play and potty without the need for you take her for a walk away from your home. Your dog will still benefit from walks for exercise, but a fenced backyard can be a pet owner’s friend. Just remember that leaving your pet in the backyard unsupervised too often can actually lead to behavioral problems.

Benefits of Dog Leash Training

Even if you can open your door and let your dog safely outside, you should get a collar or dog harness and leash and train your dog to walk properly without pulling. First of all, walking with your dog is a bonding experience. And the act of training your dog to behave on a dog leash is good for both of you. Your dog learns to behave and you learn more about your dog. It’s simply a way for pet and pet owner to enjoy getting some exercise in each other’s company.

You will most likely have to or want to take your dog somewhere eventually, as well. If you’ve trained your dog to be comfortable in a dog harness and leash, then it should go smoothly. If your dog has only ever run in the backyard off a leash, getting her to be calm when using them for the first time might be a challenge.

You can still let your dog out in the backyard while also leash training. Just keep the drawbacks of a big backyard in your mind, and don’t leave your dog out there too often or for too long at a time.

Dogs Get Bored Too

While a puppy might seem to be busy every second in a backyard running and playing, eventually any dog will get bored with being isolated outside. A dog that’s alone in the yard too much will probably find ways to fill the time by doing things like barking, digging and other behaviors you might not like.

The dog will develop a sense of independence apart from you that could make it a challenge for you to encourage good behavior. Training could prove to be more difficult if a dog spends too much time outside alone.

There’s nothing wrong with your dog spending time outside, just be sure it’s not too much. And when your dog is outside, be sure there’s a dog house or other shelter provided so your dog can get out of rain or bad weather. And provide plenty of fresh water, especially in warm weather. Make sure there are no gaps under or in a fence where your dog could escape the yard, and you’ll have a safe, comfortable place for your dog to play when he needs some alone time outside.