5 Dog Training Tips For Good Behavior

a girl and her trained dog with good behavior

Dogs are our best companions! However, not every moment is as joyful as it could be when your dog isn’t properly trained to perform certain activities or avoid unwanted behavior. To teach your dog to listen to your commands better, focus on training that incorporates obedience skills as well as the specific actions you desire from them using positive reinforcement training.

1. How to Train Your Dog Using An Extra Long Dog Leash

a dog training with a longer leash

There is a range of leashes that help the process of training run smoother and, while it’s commonly acknowledged that a shorter lead provides better control, longer leashes can provide great results when used properly for training. The EzyDog Track N Train long dog leash is a 16-foot dog leash great for recall training, especially when training a puppy.

When your dog is further away, you can train them with this leash to respond to your required commands, such as: ‘come,’ ‘leave it,’ ‘sit,’ and ‘stay’. As you unravel the leash, give your dog the desired order and begin to back away from them. Keep the distances to a few feet for the first few attempts until they get the hang of it, then reward them with a treat. This increases the likelihood that they will listen in unexpected situations. The Track n Train leash works to significantly improve the effectiveness of your training efforts by reducing their vulnerability to distractions when given freedom while also giving you a secure handle on them so they don’t wander off.

2. How To Train Your Dog To Walk On A Leash Without Pulling

a dog harness with a front leash attachment

Getting your dog to walk alongside you can be challenging and maybe even seem impossible at first. Using the right leash and types of dog harnesses in combination with positive reinforcement is the key to success. The EzyDog Crosscheck Harness, X-Link Harness and Express or Convert Harness with UpFront D-Ring attachment allow you to attach your leash to the front or side of your dog. This provides extra control by causing the dog’s center of gravity to shift, ultimately forcing them to reduce pulling. These three harnesses have multiple attachment points so that you can easily switch between standard walking and training on the fly.

If your dog starts pulling on the leash, simply come to a halt and wait until there is no tension on the lead before resuming your walk. Repeat the procedure if your dog pulls on the lead again. You may also use treats to stay beside you, or to call them back when they get ahead. This strategy teaches your dog the valuable lesson of listening in order to continue walking.

3. Using A Dog Training Treat Belt With Pouch

dog training with a treat pouch

For treat training you can use special training treats, savory delights, or even some of your dog’s regular kibble. As you begin, issue commands and reward your dog with a training goodie every time they obey. As your dog becomes a better listener, you can slowly incorporate words of praise to help them further develop a habit of desirable behavior.

When teaching your dog to act obediently, food is utilized as a “motivator” to draw their attention while your voice and pets act as a “reinforcer”. Every time you praise your dog for sitting, for example, you’re boosting the probability that they will sit more often. Food is the preferred incentive for the vast majority of dogs.

To help in this process, you can use a dog training treat bag. This is an accessory that straps around your waist and has a magnetic closure system to provide simple and quick access to treats — keeping your hands free and ensuring you don’t miss those small, critical training opportunities!

4. Clicker Training Commands

a girl clicker training a dog

Clicker training is a simple and proven form of dog training approach that adds an additional layer to positive reinforcement. The click provides an ‘event marker’ that connects positive behavior with a reward. This clear form of communication, combined with voice-cues and treats, is an effective way of getting them to listen to your commands in a safe and humane way.

The EzyDog Command Training Clicker is a clicker for dog training that can be worn on your finger, like a ring, allowing you get to the clicker button quickly while keeping your hands free.

5. Hiring A Dog Training Expert

dog training professional

A great way to kickstart your dog training is to seek out a professional. Dog trainers can teach your dog the basics of obedience or even provide some guidance to do so yourself. This is especially helpful when starting out with an older dog. Whether you want to take part in obedience classes or arrange private sessions, it will be beneficial for you and your best friend! When picking a dog trainer make sure they are qualified and use humane methods of training. Talk about what issues you are having and learn from the trainer how to continuously use their tips and tricks to correct your dog’s behavior.

Questions to ask your dog trainer:

• How long have you been dog training?
• What types of qualifications do you have in dog training?
• What is your training method?
• Have you worked with this breed before?
• Have you worked on my particular request/problem before?

The bond between humans and dogs is truly a gift of nature, and the reason we consider them to be our best friends! No matter which approach you take to training your dog, the above tips will help reduce the time and ease the stress on you as you strive for perfect obedience. Learning your dog’s language and communicating with them establishes a wholesome experience that will make all the moments you spend together even more memorable.


Top 10 Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

As the summer goes on, we hope you’re enjoying the warm weather and all that the season has to offer. It’s the perfect time to get outdoors and go on adventures with your best furry friend. However, with the higher temperatures, the opportunities to be around water, and other elements of the summertime comes certain safety risks for dogs.

We know you want to keep your pet as safe as can be, so we’ve put some information together here to help you do just that. With these tips, your dog will be healthy, happy, and able to enjoy the summer season.

1. Never leave your dog in a closed vehicle.

Leaving your pup in a parked car, even for a short period of time, is extremely hazardous. Each year, hundreds of pets die from heat exhaustion due to being left in a vehicle. It doesn’t take long at all for cars to reach a temperature that is dangerous for dogs, and in the summer that risk is even greater. In these situations, the best thing to do is just to leave your dog at home!

2. Protect your pup from paw pad burns.

Pavement tends to become sizzling hot underneath the summer sun, which can cause burns to a dog’s paw pads. This is very painful and in some cases requires veterinary treatment. Avoid burns by checking the temperature of the pavement with your hand. If it’s too hot to comfortably rest your hand on the ground, it’s too hot to walk your dog! Instead, try walking them early in the morning or in the evening when it’s a little cooler.


3. Apply sunscreen to prevent sun damage.

For most of us, the importance of using sunscreen has been drilled into our minds. It prevents painful sunburns and lessens the risk of skin cancer. But did you know that dogs are vulnerable to the same consequences of sun damage? Before a day out in the sun, be sure to apply a layer of dog-safe sunscreen, focusing on the areas that are most exposed. And for added protection against harmful UV rays, put your pup in our Dog Rashie.

4. Keep your dog safe from tick bites.

Summer is prime time for the occurrence of tick bites since people and their dogs are spending more time outdoors. Not only do tick bites cause discomfort, pain, and itching, they can also lead to illnesses such as Lyme disease. To avoid the dangers of a tick bite, be sure to brush your dog after he or she has been outdoors, and talk to your veterinarian about getting them on a preventative tick medication.

5. Ensure your dog wears a life jacket when near water.

Spending time by the pool, lake, river, or ocean is the perfect way to beat the heat. However, water can present safety concerns for your dog. Not all dogs are natural swimmers, and even strong swimmers can get tired in the water. Our Dog Life Jackets will keep your dog afloat and make them easy to spot with bright color options.

6. Give your pup lots of water and shade.

When taking advantage of the sunny weather outdoors, it’s important to keep your dog cool and hydrated. Heat exhaustion doesn’t only occur in parked cars; it can also develop after prolonged exposure to hot temperatures. To help combat the heat, make sure you’re providing plenty of water for your dog, and keep them in the shade whenever possible.


7. Only allow your dog to drink fresh water.

While we’re on the topic of keeping your dog hydrated, keep in mind that seawater is not safe for dogs. In small amounts, the saltwater can cause an upset stomach. But in larger doses, the salt becomes toxic and can be fatal. When you’re at the beach, watch your furry friend closely to ensure they’re not ingesting salt water, and always have fresh water on hand. Our Takeaway Water Bowl makes the perfect beach accessory for thirsty pups!

8. Know the symptoms of overheating.

Dogs can’t sweat, so they pant in order to cool down. However, high temperatures and humid weather can limit their ability to maintain their temperature balance. This can lead to your pet overheating, which can cause serious health issues and even death. Overheating may look like heavy panting and drooling, difficulty breathing, thickening of saliva, vomiting, diarrhea, and/or seizures. If you begin seeing any of these signs, cool your dog down and take him or her to an emergency vet.

9. Make sure your dog is secure during car rides.

Summer is the season of road trips, and having your dog alongside you will make your journey even better. Just make sure you’re driving safely by using a dog seat belt restraint. It will keep your dog in one place to reduce driving distractions and ensure their safety during the ride.

10. Don’t allow your pet to eat human food.

Outdoor barbecues are a great way to spend time with friends and family on summer evenings. Friendly pups will enjoy the chance to socialize with other people, and they’ll probably try to take a bite out of the delicious food you’ve prepared. Be careful not to let them eat your food or drink your drinks; even a small amount can cause significant digestive issues.

In most of the potentially dangerous situations discussed above, the key is prevention and awareness. Do what you can to protect your dog before you go out in the heat, on a road trip, or near water, and keep an eye on them during your summertime fun. That way you can avoid any serious issues and fully enjoy your adventures with your best friend!



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