The New Crosscheck Harness From EzyDog

EzyDog Crosscheck Harness

EzyDog Crosscheck Harness

The all-new innovative no-pull dog harness that redefines training.

Sandpoint, Idaho (December 18, 2019) EzyDog, a brand known for their innovative dog harness designs, announces the all new Crosscheck Harness: a unique figure-eight design that aims to set a new benchmark for dog training tools while doubling as an easy-to-use everyday dog harness.

The Crosscheck Harness features two leash attachments. The first leash attachment, located on the back, allows the harness to be used as a regular harness while the second attachment, located on the belly strap, makes it a no-pull harness to train dogs to walk beside their human. This second attachment tightens the diameter of the belly strap as pressure is applied and eases upon release, triggering an instinctual feeling that dissuades a dog’s actions as they exhibit undesirable behavior. This “check” is limited and is designed to deliver training results in a humane and safe manner.

This new harness is also extremely easy to put on and fit; simply slip over the dog’s head and buckle one time around the belly and adjust the singular tri-glide fastener. The tri-glide also calibrates the amount of pressure applied when the harness is used for training.

The CrossCheck Harness comes as a welcome addition and is available now in 3 colors (blue, red, and black) and in 5 sizes (XS – XL) with an MSRP of $30 USD. 

EzyDog can be reached by calling 877-339-9364 (877-3EzyDog) or by visiting When you visit the website, also check out the company’s harnesses, leashes, and travel products for dogs that love adventure!


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