EzyDog Collars

Every dog needs a collar, whether it’s for all-day use or for short jaunts through the park. Anyone who walks into their local pet store looking for a collar will be faced with several options spanning a wide range of designs and colors and offering different features. When you think about it, many collars are similar in terms of fit and function. Sometimes however, a collar can be more than just a collar and help to reduce a lot of the hardships of being a pet parent.

EzyDog collars address all the basic needs of a collar but offer unique advantages. Here’s a summary of the EzyDog collar lineup to help you determine which is best for your dog.


Neo Collar:

EzyDog’s tried and true Neo Collar is an innovation that has withstood the test of time. By incorporating soft neoprene padding, the Neo Collar is extremely comfortable, water resilient, and easy to wash after a long day at the beach. Reflective piping and a highly-dependable stainless-steel d-ring also make it an excellent solution for the safety-minded dog lover.

The Neo Wide Collar is an adaptation of the same great design but for larger dogs who demand a wider collar.

The Neo Collar is the best match for dogs who love playing in the water, but its stylish aesthetic also makes it great for any dog.


Double Up Collar:

The Double Up Collar is all about security. This collar features two stainless steel d-rings as a single attachment point for a leash, relieving tension from the buckle and providing extra insurance when it’s time to go for a walk. An additional ring is included for the use of ID tags.

The soft touch nylon webbing makes this collar super comfortable while also providing unmatched break strength. Can your dog’s collar tow a van?

The Double Up collar is a perfect solution for anyone who is fearful of, or has experienced, their dog breaking loose from their leash but also makes a great all purpose upgrade for a dog’s existing collar.


Checkmate Collar:

The EzyDog Checkmate Collar is a martingale style collar, making it a superb training tool. The soft touch nylon construction and unique limited-slip functionality make this training collar soft and humane to prevent any choking to the dog.

For the intended use of this collar, it’s best to use a leash without any slack; such as the Soft Touch Trainer Leash. Don’t forget to use positive reinforcement for when your pup starts to exhibit good behavior. Keeping treats handy with a dog treat pouch will help to render the best results from your training efforts.

The Checkmate Collar is best for a dog that needs training and is exceptionally effective for escape artists who tend to wiggle out of their existing collar.


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