Gear For Running With Your Dog

September has been “Running With Your Dog” month here at EzyDog, so far we’ve covered:

  • 11 Tips for Running With Your Dog – a high-level look at the things to keep in mind when considering making your pooch your training partner
  • How To Run With Your Dog – A detailed look at the training process, frequently asked questions and how to fix common issues encountered when running with your pooch

For our third post in this series we’re going to cover the dog running gear that will be critical to ensuring you and your four-legged training partner have a fun, productive and safe workout.  

*NOTE – Before undertaking any serious running effort with your dog, please consult your vet to ensure your dog is physically capable. Also, serious running is not recommended for dogs under 12 months (or 18 months for very large breeds).

Dog Running Gear – The Big Questions

Before looking at specific gear options, there are a few key questions you and your pooch are going to need to consider:

  1. Collar or Harness?  Certainly, whether your dog wears a collar or harness for everyday walks and around the house will play a role in this decision.  You want to ensure your dog is comfortable with the gear choice you make.  However, for the most part, this decision comes down to the level of physical control you need to have over your dog.  If your dog is really well-behaved on a leash, doesn’t pull/lunge and responds very well to verbal commands, then a collar is a great choice.  However, if you have any concerns about controlling your dog or if they they pull/lunge at all, then a harness will give you much more control and ensure a safe run for both of you.  
  2. Hand-held or Hands-free leash?  This is actually very similar decision criteria to the collar vs. harness question and ultimately comes down to how well you have leash-trained your dog.  A hands-free running leash is the ultimate in running comfort, however it can be dangerous if your pooch is not well-trained.  In many cases, for dogs new to running, starting with a hand-held leash is the best idea with the goal of graduating to a hands-free leash once you are both comfortable with your level of control.  

Now for the fun part, let’s take a look at the specific gear for running with your dog!  

Dog Running Harnesses

  • Standard Dog Running HarnessThe EzyDog Quick Fit Sport Dog Harness is designed to have the support and control of a harness with the comfort of a collar.  Used extensively for running, flyball and other sporting activities, this easy-to-fit harness is so comfortable that it can even replace your dog’s collar full-time.  
  • High-Control Dog Running HarnessThe EzyDog Chest Plate Dog Harness provides the ultimate in control and comfort for pooches that sometimes pull a bit too much on the leash.  It’s highly adjustable and conforms to your dog’s chest for a custom fit to avoid chaffing. It also remains very stationary which is great for control and comfort.

*All EzyDog dog harnesses are built with reflective trim for nighttime running safety.

Dog Running Collars

  • Everyday Dog Running CollarThe Neo and Neo Wide (for large dogs) are perfect everyday collars that also work excellent for running with your dog.  Made with neoprene (wetsuit material) and reinforced with with heavy-duty nylon webbing, they transition from the road to the trail to home easily.  Waterproof, easy to clean and none of the “dog smell” make these an excellent hybrid collar option. 
  • Extra Secure Dog Running CollarThe Double-Up Collars are an excellent choice if your dog is particularly large, strong or has a history of breaking collars.  Two stainless steel d-rings provide twice the strength and security of a traditional collar and take the pressure away from the easy-access buckle.  
  • Dog Running Collar to Prevent Pulling -The Checkmate Dog Training Collar is a martingale design collar that provides significantly more control over your dog without the risk of choking and assists in preventing escape. When the Checkmate Collar is properly fitted, it will be comfortably loose without your dog noticing it much until the dog begins to pull.  

*All EzyDog dog collars are built with reflective trim for nighttime running safety.  

Dog Running Leashes

  • Everyday Dog Running LeashThe Cujo Shock Absorbing Leash was EzyDog’s first product and the Original Shock Absorbing Leash. The firm wakeboarding no-slip handle and short length are engineered to give you great control over your dog while still making it comfortable for both your pet and you. Comfortable, secure, short shock absorbing dog leash design gives your full control over your dog while on your run and 6 inches of shock absorbing stretch for those still in training.  
  • No-Pull Dog Running LeashThe Zero Shock Leash is the best option for a dog that struggles with pulling, or a dog that is still in running/walking training. Built with EzyDog’s patented Zero Shock Technology, this leash drastically reduces the strain and pull on both dog and owner.  A perfect option to get your 4-legged friend trained for runs and ready to move into a hands-free option.
  • Hybrid Hand-Held/Hand-Free Leash – The Handy Leash is a leash that fits around the hand to make any leash a hands-free running experience. Fully adjustable, the glove section opens out to fit any size hand and attaches to your existing leash. This is a great option for wanting the security of holding on to a leash but still having a virtually handsfree experience
  • Hands-Free Dog Running Leash – The Road Runner Leash is the ultimate running leash for the well-behaved dog. The sliding side-release buckle allows you to alter the length of the leash or unclip to wear it around your waist, shoulder or hand.  When worn around your waist with a well-trained dog, it gives you the ability to maintain perfect running form while at the same time keeping your pooch on-leash and safe.

Dog Running Accessories

  • Adventure Light – high visibility, waterproof pet beacons built for outdoor use
  • Treat Belt – quick, easy access to dog treats in a convenient belt that includes a poop bag dispenser and accessory pocket for keys, wallet, phone, etc.
  • Doo Bag Dispenser – simple storage for your pet waste bags with velcro straps to attach to any leash
  • Fold-a-Bowl – no-spill portable dog bowl that folds up into small, compact package with a clip to attach to your leash or belt
  • Zero Shock Couplers for dual-dog running – leash attachment that gives you the ability to run with two dogs at once while utilizing the EzyDog Zero Shock technology
  • Element Jacket – waterproof dog jacket to keep your furry friend dry and warm on your foul-weather runs

Investing in the time, training and gear you need to turn your pooch into your training partner will pay dividends for you both over the long run.  What can be better than a running companion that is always ready to go, will follow you anywhere and never complains about the path you’re taking!

Now Go and Play!

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