EzyDog manufactures a full line of technically advanced dog products including dog collars, shock absorbing leashes, dog harnesses and more.

A better dog harness and dog accessories

EzyDog dog harnesses provide the balance of style, comfort, and safety that both dogs and owners alike love. Each dog harness style is designed to be simple to put on and off. They are great for training dogs not to pull during walks, too. Whether you want tons of color or a customizable harness, each one is adjustable and sturdy no matter what.

EzyDog Chest Plate Harness

EzyDog chest plate harness

The original shock absorbing dog leash

EzyDog dog leashes provide the perfect connection between you and your four-legged friend. With tons of choices in size, style, color, and design, you can pick out the perfect leash for both you and your dog! Our comfortable, adjustable, sturdy leashes also work well with our extensions, couplers, and adjustable cords to suit any need.

Turk is wearing an EzyDog multi-function leash

EzyDog Vario 6 Multi-Function Leash

Dog collars meant to last

EzyDog dog collars are engineered for the perfect balance of rugged, sleek style. Our collars fit any dog’s need, whether it’s waterproof, touch, or for training. Sizes range from small to large, and all are designed for durability, comfort, and ease of use. Each EzyDog collar is rust-proof and all work perfectly with EzyDog matching dog leashes!

Sunny sporting an EzyDog Double-Up Collar

EzyDog Double-Up Collar

Dog life jackets - Keep Fido happy in the water

Did you know our EzyDog dog life vests have up to 50% more flotation material than most competing products? We want to ensure you and your dog can focus on playing in the water, not worrying about it. Our life jacket even comes with a D-ring for attaching a dog leash. Adjustable straps provide for a quick and ergonomic fit for your small or large dog.

Ralf in an EzyDog Life Vest

EzyDog dog life vest

Sturdy, comfortable dog backpacks

EzyDog dog backpacks come with built-in harness for safety and comfort. They are specifically engineered for easy quick release and adjustment. Field tested for safety, durability, and comfort for your dog, they are also breathable, waterproof, rust-proof, and reflective. It is also ideal for service dogs and hunting dogs. Pairs well with an EzyDog dog leash!

EzyDog Summit Backpack

EzyDog Summit Backpack

Dog coats & dog jackets designed to keep the elements out

Great for all seasons, EzyDog dog coats help your dog weather any storm! Part of the EzyDog outerwear line, these coats will fit any dog breed, are wind and rain proof, and have light reflective piping for safety. All this coat requires is one adjust, and it is a perfect fit. Attaching a leash to a harness or collar is simple!

Lexi keeps comfortable in an EzyDog coat

EzyDog dog coats

Tough dog toys

Our durable EzyDog dog toys are designed with fetch in mind. All our dog toys are sturdy, stylish, and cleanable. The sturdy construction maximizes the amount of use you and your dog get out of your toy. Some are even great for water play. Each toy is a very durable retrieval toy, but not a chew toy.

EzyDog Flying Disc

EzyDog Dogstar Flying Disc

Dog bowls designed to collapse and carry along

Our EzyDog dog bowl is designed for quick and easy storage in your car, bag, or our own award-winning dog backpack! It is light and compact, great for water or food (better yet, buy two and use one for each!). Once used, our dog bowls are easy to clean and fold flat. Our bowl is just as ready to travel as your dog is!

EzyDog Travel Dog Bowl

EzyDog Fold-a-Bowl

Pet carriers with style

Our collapsible, portable EzyDog pet carrier is patented pended. Like all of our products, they are strong, durable, stylish, comfortable, and very easy to clean. Our pet carrier is perfect for cats or small dogs. The compact and light design makes our pet carriers easy to store, unlike conventional pet carriers.

EzyDog Collapsible Pet Transporter

EzyDog Transporter

Dog car restraints - Safety First

Make you and your dog safe with EzyDog’s dog car restraints. Just like the rest of our products, they are designed to be safe, reliable, and comfortable. Our dog car restraints are engineered to fit any sized dog and keep them in place, thus minimizing driving distractions. They also feature easy hook and release technology for simplicity.

EzyDog seat belts - Buckle up!

EzyDog Adjustable Car Restraint