Best Dog Gifts – 2017 EzyDog Gift Guide

christmas dog

The great thing about shopping for your dog is that you already know exactly what’s going to get that tail wagging.

It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s obvious. And it’s wonderful.

All your best friend really wants is you.

So when we put together our Holiday Dog Gift Guide, we did it with an eye toward giving your furry friend everything she needs to wile away the hours with her favorite human. We’ve narrowed down the list to our favorite offerings that we’re sure will match up with any dog’s lifestyle.

Read the guide and in just a couple of minutes on EzyDog you’ll knock out a shopping list that will earn you all the love and adoration coming your way.

For the Bookworm

Yeah, he knows he’s smart. At some point after learning to sit, but still before he could fetch the paper right when you start brewing the morning coffee, your dog started to feel the pride that comes with a secondary canine education. And now he can’t get enough.

If your dog is all about new tricks – or is just starting down the road of unlocking the secrets of the household universe – then we have just the study aids they need.


Dog Training leashLuca Leash ($30) 

Putting this leash on is your dog’s version of rolling up her sleeves to get down to business. The slip collar design allows for a quick and gentle correction during training exercises. And because teachable moments can be fleeting, this collar and leash combo can be quickly slipped on or off in an instant.

Made from high quality climbing rope, a rust-proof metal slider and a rubber stopper, this leash can be used as both a soft-check collar or a halter lead. It’s strength and versatility mean that you’ll have the right training tool for any environment.

Show in Purple, also available in Black, Red and Orange


checkmate dog training collar

Checkmate Collar ($14-$20)

 The humane answer to training corrections, this collar has a martingale design that applies firm pressure when your puppy pulls without choking the dog. When not pulling, your dog will be perfectly comfortable. Unlike other options, Checkmate Collars do not require re-sizing for each fitting making it a time-saver. The collar snaps on with a quick release buckle for further convenience.

This is an especially good choice for less-experienced dog owners who can set gentle boundaries without worries of hurting their companion.

Show in Candy, also available in Blue, Red, Chocolate, Black, Orange and Green Camo


dog treat bagSnakpak Treat Bag ($28)

We all know the most important part of learning is dessert. While the satisfaction of a job well done might be enough for the most motivated of dogs, chances are that having a reward handy will make all the difference as you teach the basics.

This treat bag can be clipped around the waist or hooked into your belt, providing two options for keeping your treats accessible. A magnetic closure keeps your treats secure without creating any fuss when opening. An accessory pocket is available to carry anything else you might need during training sessions. To top it all off, it comes in four different colors.

Show in Red, also available in Black, Blue and Orange



For the Athlete

Some dogs are all about their personal best. She can run a 5K during a lunch break or rise at dawn for a private triathlon, but she doesn’t understand the concept of a “walk.” There are no streets or sidewalks or trails, there is only one big amusement park.

As much fun as it is to hit a full gallop, these dogs’ number one job is still playing coach, providing you the motivation you need to keep on keeping on, even when the hills get steep. Here’s how to keep your personal trainer involved in every jog:


dog running leash

Road Runner Leash ($42)

Your dog is in your workout to help, not hinder. So don’t let his leash get in the way of perfect form and concentration. This hands free option clips around your waist, shoulder or arm to keep your companion tethered close – or up to 6.5 feet away – with its adjustable length.

The Zero Shock technology cushions against any pulling or other distractions that could potentially break your stride. Webbing on the leash acts as a reflective surface, meaning this contraption works safely even in the darkest conditions. With this leash there is no route that can keep you and your puppy apart.

Shown in Pink Camo, also available in Blue, Red, Chocolate, Black, Orange, Candy, Bubble Gum, Purple and Green Camo.


dog running leash gloveHandy Leash ($22-$30)

 No appetite for a leash around your waist? Try this leash that wraps around your hand like a neoprene glove. The design keeps your hands free during a run while still keeping closer control over your dog.

Keep your dog at 3 to 4-feet and enjoy the Zero Shock technology that prevents the kind of sudden jerks or pulls that can cause accidents in a workout. Reflective trim means this leash can also function at night.

Shown in Red, also available in Black.


chest plate dog harnessChest Plate Harness ($27-32)

This is hands down the best chest harness available for your dog and the answer to your worries about a dog that pulls during a walk.

It sits comfortably on any dog and keeps them comfortable, even when course correcting. The force you apply to a leash is spread across your dog’s entire frame, rather than concentrated in his neck causing him to choke. You’ll see your dog improve faster and respond more positively to training without having to cause discomfort.

The harness goes well with any leash, but is particularly effective with the Zero Shock technology preferred by runners who like to bring their best buddy along for the workout.

Shown in Green Camo, also available in Blue, Red, Chocolate, Black, Orange, Pink Camo, Candy, Bubble Gum and Purple


For the Explorer

Every block is a new frontier to these pioneers, who muster their best when they can take point and blaze a trail for their whole pack. To them, home is just a pit stop before hopping in the car and setting off toward a new mountain to conquer or river to swim.

You might climb for days just to glimpse a spectacular view, but you know that the picture won’t mean much without a grinning pooch in the foreground. But traversing the edge also means staying safe and you’re responsible for two on trail. Here’s your pack list for getting into the great outdoors – and making sure to come back again.


dog car harnessDrive Dog Car Harness ($99)

You get the benefit of a seatbelt, airbags and human engineering to keep you safe in the event of an accident. Your furry navigator is left to the mercy of physics. The car harness extends the safety you would expect on any road trip to your best friend.

It fits comfortably on your dog and works hand in hand with the backseat seatbelt. As a bonus to providing some protection for your dog, the harness provides some piece of mind that your dog won’t be able to distract you or injure anyone else in the car in the event of a crash.

There are plenty of thrills in the adventures that wait at your destination. So play it safe on the way.


dog car restraintClick Adjustable Car Restraint ($20)

For anybody who wants a safer road trip at a great value, this car restraint is the perfect way to make sure your loving pal doesn’t cave to temptation and distract you while you’re behind the wheel. Distracted driving doubles the risk of car accident, according to AAA, and dog owners can easily fall victims to the practice.

This restraint attaches to your dog’s harness and clicks into your seatbelt receiver. It gives plenty of room for your dog to maneuver without granting her the run of the car.

NOTE: While this restraint helps prevent distracted driving, it does not necessarily provide protection for your dog in the event of a crash.


dog jacketElement Jacket ($42-$78)

That fur goes a long way, but even the thickest of coats can meet its match when out in the elements. And just like you wouldn’t go traversing up a mountain without some warm gear, your dog shouldn’t make the trip without a little protection.

The Element Jacket fits snugly around any dog with a waterproof outer shell and a fleece inner lining that is cozy and warm no matter the weather. It’s your dogs very own windbreaker, rain jacket, down vest and sweater all in one!

Shown in Scarlet/Black, also available in Orange/Black.


For the Regular Joe

This is our kind of beast. A walk-taking, ball-fetching, nap-stealing cuddle monster who revels in all things dog. This is your run-of-the-mill neighborhood mascot who only counts squirrels among his enemies.

He is up for anything, as long as it’s with his human family. There is no shortage of activities throughout the year to keep him as happy as he is busy. Let’s make sure he’s got the basics.


zero shock dog leashZero Shock Leash ($30-$34)

Nobody’s perfect. Remember that the next time your buddy forgets about his leash and makes a beeline toward his dog pals down the street. Rather than accept the occasional trauma from your dog’s split second sprint, invest in the Zero Shock Leash.

This leash absorbs those sudden movements and prevents the whiplash that could be experienced by both of you during your walk. It may be a gift to your dog, but you’ll really be treating yourself when you purchase the Zero Shock technology.

Shown in Blue, also available in Black, Chocolate, Candy, Orange, Red, Bubble Gum, Purple


quick fit dog harnessQuick Fit Harness ($27-$32)

Cut out all the tugging, the pulling and the choking on your daily walks with this dependable, stylish harness. The humane purpose behind a harness is to distribute the force from pulling on the leash to the dog’s entire body frame, not just its neck. The added bonus is that dogs respond better to pulls on a harness, meaning you’ll get better training results without hurting your pal.

This may just be the fastest and simplest harness to put on any dog.  Adjust the straps once, then it’s an easy one-click operation to get the harness on or off. Pick between a wide swath of sizes and colors, attach any leash or other accessory to the stainless steel ring, then head out for a good time.

Shown in Bubblegum, also available in Blue, Red, Chocolate, Black, Orange, Green Camouflage, Pink Camo, Candy, and Purple.


convert dog harnessConvert Harness ($46-$78) With Custom Badge ($10-15)

This is your desert island harness. It’s versatility ensures that you’ll be ready to go in any environment with any agenda. 

Every part of the harness is adjustable to stay comfortable and keep your dog feeling safe while providing pinch-free restraint when out on the trail. Best of all, this harness lets your dog literally pull its weight when out and about when you add the saddle bag accessory.

Harness shown in Burgundy, also available in Charcoal and Blue


custom harness badgeThe harness doubles as a service dog vest with a custom badge holder that helps your dog express itself. Want to identify as a service, police or in-training dog? How about as a princess? Our badges have it covered.

Standard side badges come in a variety of options, including Therapy Dog, Police and In-Training.

Custom side badges can also be ordered to include your dog’s name, nickname or any other personal message!


Wrap up a couple of those ideas and get yourself ready, you and your best pal are going to have the time of your lives in 2018.

Now go play!

Why Your Dog Needs a Dog Collar Light Beacon

For pet owners, there are some very compelling reasons to be afraid of the dark.

When night falls the dangers for dogs increase dramatically, not because their own senses are significantly dulled, although they are less effective than during the daytime, but rather as a result of how diminished human awareness becomes.

Consider how much you rely on your dog’s obedience with little visibility. If your dog breaks a command in daylight, you can find her relatively easily, make a correction and move on with your day. At night that same broken command can mean lost visibility of your little buddy for a significant period of time. Even a well-behaved dog can be put in danger by enthusiastically obeying a command that his owner would never have made had he known, for example, that his companion was on the other side of the street.

The biggest danger during these moments is, of course, traffic. Little data is collected on the number of pets or smaller creatures struck and killed by vehicles every year, but researchers have extrapolated estimates based on data collected by a series of New England schools. Based on those studies, it is believed that as many as 6 million dogs are killed each year in the United States.

From insurance company data – which studies claims based on accidents involving larger animals – it’s clear that most accidents happen around dusk and just after when there are still plenty of drivers on the road and visibility decreases.

It’s a recipe for disaster for your dog, who will be much more difficult to notice than larger game, even if she has a lighter coat.

But traffic isn’t the only danger in separating from your dog at night or in poor weather conditions. The elements, difficult terrain and even other animals can become more of a threat.

Hikers, in particular, can run into problems if their dog likes to explore or, more likely, gets spooked along the trail. In those cases, the longer the separation, the more dangerous it is for both you and your puppy.

There is a simple form of protection dog owners can use that will drastically improve safety in the dark. This little light goes a long way:

Dog collar light

EzyDog Adventure Lights

EzyDog offers Adventure Lights, a beacon that fits on your dog’s collar and continually shines or flashes rapidly, depending on your preferences.

This beacon offers visibility in even the darkest conditions, alerting motorists of your dog from a distance of up to 3 miles away. Just as important, you can find your dog at up to the same distance with an unimpeded view.

For wandering dogs, this can take away the anxiety of trying to find them in your neighborhood if they are inadvertently let out. In nature, it means cutting down on search time and avoiding the agonizing decision to leave your pal overnight in poor conditions. It also acts as a deterrent to hunting accidents or other misunderstandings.

dog collar light in colors

A Variety of Colors

This light is extremely effective, but that means little without durability.

Adventure Light batteries last for 100 hours of continuous solid light use and can last for 250 hours when flashing. It is waterproof up to 330 feet, leaving no room for failure even when swimming. It will withstand an impact of up to 220 pounds. There is the opportunity to add a maintenance kit that includes an extra battery Velcro strap and O-ring for field repairs.

Dog Collar Lights in two sizes

Two sizes

All in all, this device goes beyond sturdy – it has been tested for, and met, military standards. EzyDog backs up their confidence with a 3-Year Warranty on every Adventure Light.

At 1.5 by 1.25 by 1 inches, the Adventure Dog Collar Light will take up very little overall space. But if you require a smaller option, the MicroLight version is the right fit – especially for smaller breeds.

It is 1 by .75 by .75 inches and can still offer visibility at more than 1,600 feet. It is waterproof to a depth of 30 feet and has a battery that can last up to 50 hours.

Almost every dog has to find their way through the dark at some point, but that journey – or journeys – does not have to be perilous. Shed a little light on your pal for his own sake and keep him safe no matter what time it is.

Now go play!

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