How To Keep Your Dog Active During A Global Pandemic

The relationship between humans and their canines is a harmonious inter-species phenomenon that dates back more than a millennium — at least as far back as the last Ice Age, 11,500 years ago. Throughout time, dogs and humans learned to rely on one another: both physically and emotionally. This is still true, even as we’re living through a global pandemic.

While day-to-day routines may have changed for the time being, we still need our dogs’ love as much as they need ours. If you live alone with your dog, chances are that you’re grateful for their companionship in these difficult times. If your version of “staying home” has you confined with other humans, then you may have a newfound respect for your dog’s unwavering and simple disposition.

Here’s some great ways you can maintain or even improve your bond with your dog while still being compliant with social distancing.

Exercising with your dog is both mentally stimulating and offers numerous health benefits.

Exercise with Your Dog

Our dogs want to be included in all our adventures and even beg us at times to take spur-of-the-moment visits to their favorite park or trailhead.

A journey to the great outdoors or even a daily walk can have numerous benefits for both dogs and people. Exercise helps with blood circulation, maintaining healthy weight, and lowers the risk of developing diseases. Breathing the fresh air and feeling the sun on your skin can be a great morale booster while being mentally stimulating. The best part about exercising with your dog is that you’re doing it together, building memories that will strengthen your relationship.

Part of the challenge in exercising with dogs is having the right tools. A good dog harness will give you more control whether you’re walking or running with your dog. A hands—free dog leash can be exceptional when running or jogging.

Playing with your dog is a great way to help them get their exercise at home.

Play Fetch

All dogs, young and old, are passionate about playtime. When you’re stuck at home, waiting for the time to pass, playing with your dog in the yard can offer many of the same benefits as a walk without leaving the house.

There are many different ways to play with a dog and it’s important to try new things to learn what sort of play your dog enjoys the most. For some, a good game of fetch with a flying disc works. Other dogs may prefer their humans to get a little more skin in the game with a dog tug toy.

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a lake or river, try a floating dog fetch toy. When playing by water, always be sure your dog is equipped with a dog life jacket.

Training your dog at home will strengthen the line of communication between you and make your outings more enjoyable.

Train Your Dog at Home

Dog training is one of the best ways to use your down time at home and is the key to effective, clear, and consistent communication between humans and dogs.

You don’t have to be a speech therapist to have a conversation and you don’t have to be a dog trainer to train your dog. That said, it’s important to understand the various training methods and dog training tools available to decide what’s best for your dog.

Whatever approach you take to training your dog, backing up your efforts with positive reinforcement will help to keep your dog motivated for better results. Having treats and a training clicker on hand it a great to get your dog’s attention and reward them when exhibiting desirable behavior.

With a little dedication and patience, training your dog could make all your post—quarantine adventures even better.

Simply being cognitive of your dog’s presence and giving them affection will do wonders.

Be Mindful of Your Dog

This last point is very important and perhaps the easiest way to improve your bond with your dog. That is: to be mindful of their presence.

When you’re watering the garden or watching a movie with the family, always be sure to include your dog. Pet them, speak to them, and snuggle them to constantly remind them that they’re special to you and they will be reminded of how special you are to them.

In Conclusion

Right now, is a rare opportunity for us to set aside distractions and focus on strengthening our relationship with our beloved canines. Whether you’re lucky enough to have access to the outdoors or stuck at home, the right gear and quality time with your dog can do wonders while we hunker down and wait for the world to return to normal.