A seat belt restraint can save a dog’s life, find out more

EzyDog adjustable dog seat beltAs an on-the-go dog owner, you love to take your pet with you wherever you can. And dogs love to go and play with their owners. Some love to hang their heads out the window, and some even try to crawl in a driver’s lap to see all the sights. But it’s important to consider your safety and your dog’s safety when traveling in a vehicle, not to mention the safety of other people on the road.

A Secured Dog Harness Protects Everyone

A dog that moves around in a car can be a distraction to the driver. And a dog that hangs out the window could either fall out or be struck by something in passing and get hurt. It’s best to avoid either situation by using an EzyDog dog harness along with a dog seat-belt restraint. This will keep your dog in place without being too restricting or uncomfortable. That can keep your dog happy, while you can drive without distraction.

You can choose from a couple different types of dog seat belt restraints. The basic dog seat-belt restraint is a strap loop that attaches easily to the D-ring of your dog’s harness. Then you put the seat-belt through the loop and click it into place as you would normally. This type of restraint secures the dog to the seat belt straps and keeps him in a small area where he can sit or lie down. Your dog will feel more comfortable thanks to that freedom of movement.

Another type of dog seat belt restraint available at EzyDog is the CLICK Adjustable car restraint for your dog. The CLICK strap is adjustable, ranging from a length of 17.5 inches to 26 inches to allow your dog more freedom of movement without allowing him free run of the inside of the vehicle. He can sit or lie down, and move about quite a bit in the seat. This strap secures to your dog’s harness and has its own seat-belt snap. Instead of using the vehicle’s seat-belt, simply snap the restraint into the seat-belt receiver.

Understand the Purpose of Dog Seat Belt Restraints

Non-belted dog in carWhile these types of restraints can help protect your dog in an accident, they’re not designed for that purpose in the way that seat belts are designed to protect people. They should hold the dog securely in an accident, however, which can offer you even more peace of mind. The purpose of the restraints made to hook to a dog harness is to keep the dog from roaming about the vehicle. A dog running over a driver’s feet or crawling into her lap could cause a serious accident. And one running around could prove enough of a distraction to cause an accident.

Using a dog seat belt restraint with your pet can help prevent this. Be sure to secure your dog in the backseat away from any airbags for his own safety. Then you can go and play with less worry on the trip and have more fun when you get to your destination.