EzyDog Dogs in the Office – Radar

At EzyDog, we’re ALL ABOUT having our pooches with us whenever we can…and of course that includes during the work day as well.  Next up in our EzyDog Office Dogs series – Radar:

Name:  Radar

Breed:  German Shorthaired Pointer

Title:  Chief Running Officer

Favorite Outdoor Activity:  Radar likes to Run with people running.  He likes to run with people biking.  He likes to run with people walking.  He also just likes to run.

Funny Quirk:  We like to say that everything Radar says if he could speak would be in ALL CAPS with multiple exclamation points at the end.  “THIS IS SO FUN!!”  “I AM SO THIRSTY!!!”  “I LIKE TREATS!!!”

Favorite EzyDog Product:  Handy Leash.  OK…this may actually be OUR favorite product for taking Radar on a run…he’s just happy to be on the run!  With this hands-free dog leash we enjoy our runs with Radar so much more that we get out with him on the trails more often, which is great for both of us.



About EzyDog

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