Running with your dog: the basics

Dog with jogger

If your new year’s resolution is to take up running, you’re in luck. Having a dog with you on your runs can increase your motivation, contribute to your safety, and make running a whole heck of a lot more fun. But before you head out on that first jog, we recommend prepping your pooch with these simple steps:

1. Get the vet’s OK.

Dog with little kid vetBefore beginning any kind of fitness routine with your dog, it’s important to check in with your dog’s vet. They can let you know whether it’s safe for your dog to take up a new, strenuous activity and if there’s anything to watch out for during training.


2. Start easy.

Dog shadow with leashJust like you wouldn’t get up and run a marathon without training, you shouldn’t expect your dog to either! Make sure to start any training program slowly and be aware of signs that your dog is tired. A great plan for running is to walk every tenth minute and to run in a loop close to your house. That way, if Fido needs to rest and you’re still in running mode, you can drop him off at home and keep going.


3. Pick a leash technique.

EzyDog dog wearing a Convert Harness ready for a runTo ensure the best workout behavior, you should be consistent with which side your dog will be running on and what kind of leash you’ll be using. This will help them get used to the spacing between the two of you on all of your runs. A great running combination would be to get a reliable dog leash and a sturdy dog harness.


4. Stay hydrated.

EzyDog's Fold-a-Bowl is great for the dog and the jogger on-the-go!As with any exercise, it’s important for you and your dog to stay hydrated. Even in colder weather, you should carry plenty of water for both you and your pooch. Make a special note of anywhere on longer runs where you can restock on water. Public water fountains and pet friendly coffee shops are two safe bets, and if you can’t find one make sure to pick an affordable collapsible dog bowl!


Do you have anything you’ve learned from running with your dog? Make sure to share your tried-and-true tips in the comments and don’t forget to visit EzyDog for great running supplies for your dog!