Dealing with Your Dog’s Shedding

You love your dog but dislike the fur that builds up everywhere. It can feel like a losing battle when you’re trying to keep fur off your furniture, carpets and car seats. There are all sorts of cleaning products designed to help you pick up pet hair and keep your spaces clean. But prevention is still the best thing you can do to keep your home as fur-free as possible.

Your Dog’s and Shedding Control

Some breeds don’t shed, while others shed a great deal. Every breed, however, benefits from regular brushing. Not only does brushing stimulate the skin and pull natural oils down the hair shaft, spreading it out, it feels good for your dog, just like petting does. You might need several tools to do a proper job. A brush with metal bristles can help you detangle the fur of a dog that has a thick undercoat, while softer bristles should be used for everyday brushing. A metal comb can help detangle, too.

With daily brushing, your dog probably won’t suffer from tangles or snarls. Brushing your dog’s coat every day removes hair that’s been released but hasn’t fallen yet, and keeps those hairs from causing problems. It will keep it from landing on your carpets, furniture and car seat, too. Grab the dog leash and head outside for a daily brushing after a walk to avoid a mess indoors.

Bathing your dog when necessary will remove loose hairs, but don’t bathe too frequently. That can actual stimulate shedding and dry out the skin, which can cause unnecessary hair loss, irritation and other problems.

A Dog Seat Belt and a Seat Cover

No matter how diligently you brush, you’re still going to find a little hair if your dog is a breed that sheds. When you’re in the car, if your dog has the run of the vehicle, you and your passengers may end up with some dog hair on your clothes. It’s best to keep your pet confined to one spot for easier cleaning, as well as overall safety.

Using a dog seat belt restraint keeps your pet stay in one spot without being restrictive. He can still get up and down, and move enough to be comfortable. But it limits his ability to run around the car. That can prevent him from distracting you, as well as dropping fur over every seat and surface.

You can also find car seat covers made for pet owners. Use one where you use the dog seat belt restraint, and you’ll have a much easier time keeping your car clean. Not only will the shed hair stay in one spot, but any dirty paws will leave prints only on the removable, washable cover.