EzyDog Adds Pink Color Range For 2020

  EzyDog Updates Products to Include Pink A vibrant new color to the company’s line of active dog gear. Sandpoint, Idaho (December 18, 2019) By Popular demand, EzyDog has added a new range of solid pink accessories to their line of active dog gear, encompassing their most popular harnesses, leashes, and collars. The specific shade […]

2019 Holiday Dog Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend With the holiday season we indulge in much-needed delights of family feasts and quality time with those we hold most dear. However, this heart-warming time of gathering can often be overshadowed by strenuous weeks searching for the right gifts for each of your loved ones and we often […]

EzyDog Refreshes Life Jacket Line For 2019

  EzyDog Refreshes Life Jacket Line For 2019 The ultimate life jacket for dogs, updated for a new generation. Sandpoint, Idaho (May 13, 2019) EzyDog, manufacturer of high-performance dog gear intended to make life easier with dogs, has updated their popular line of dog life jackets. For more than a decade, the company’s “DFD” (Dog […]

Dog Hiking Gear Guide

To bring the dog, or not to bring the dog? Every adventure-seeking dog owner crosses this fork in the trail at one point or another. Sometimes it can seem too difficult to bring our canine companions with us and the thought of leaving them behind can be heartbreaking. But, on the other hand, there’s nothing […]

EzyDog Summit Backpack

  The Summit Dog Backpack From EzyDog A Backpack for Dogs Who Love the Trail. Sandpoint, Idaho (July 15, 2018) EzyDog announces their new Summit Backpack, a luggage solution based around the company’s award-winning Chest Plate Harness which insures comfort and control, but with the bonus of enabling a dog to carry their own gear. […]

EzyDog Command Clicker

  EzyDog Command Clicker A Hands-Free Positive Reinforcement Solution for Dog Training. Sandpoint, Idaho (May 24, 2018) Upholding their tradition of introducing products that simplify life with dogs, EzyDog is proud to announce their new Command Clicker, an effective training tool that aims to reward positive behavior through repetition. This new design comes as a […]

Summer Safety For Dogs

Summer is arguably the best time of year to be a dog. The trails and sidewalks are ready to explore, long walks and trips to the beach, and the air is filled with exciting new smells drifting on the warm breeze. However, the warmest months can also be the most dangerous for dogs and important […]

EzyDog Collars

Every dog needs a collar, whether it’s for all-day use or for short jaunts through the park. Anyone who walks into their local pet store looking for a collar will be faced with several options spanning a wide range of designs and colors and offering different features. When you think about it, many collars are […]

EzyDog Harnesses

While they often fall under the same umbrella, harnesses provide many benefits over traditional dog collars. While collars certainly play their role, many argue that harnesses are overall better for walking your dog, simply because they allow you to control a dog better without causing discomfort or choking. If you’ve ever shopped for dog accessories, […]

A Home on the Road: @thecanineexperience

Whether it’s a house or a 31-foot RV named “Poe”, home is where the pack is. From two people with a heart for adventure to a traveling troupe of 12, Deirani and Chris have made their dream a reality: make a living doing what they love and inspire others to explore and experience life to […]